15 Nasty Things People Do While Waiting in Traffic

Candid Car Moments

Caught in the act.

Ever notice the weird things people do while stuck in traffic? One moment you’re innocently singing along to Kelly Clarkson. The next, you look to the car beside you and see a man with his foot high on the dash, clipping his toenails like it’s the most important thing in the world.

Apparently, some people forget – or don’t care – that others can see them. So we pulled together the 15 most uncomfortable things you’re bound to catch people doing on the road.

#15 Determined Nose Picking

Find anything valuable up there?

As you look away from the cars ahead of you at the stoplight, you might turn your head for a change in view. Then you spot him: A man digging very importantly for some gold up his nose. With sausage fingers that look like they’ll get stuck. What is it about waiting in transit that gives people this urge?

You avert your eyes, but notice something even more questionable in the Dodge a car ahead of Mr. Nose-Picker. Read on…

#14 Jerky Wedgie Pulling

Don’t hurt yourself, sir.

You see this guy lift himself a little in his seat, one hand on the wheel for stability. The other hand is busy burrowing into the back of his pants, searching for where his crack ends and his undies begin. He has the biggest scowl of wedgie-inspired concentration ever, and you have the extra-special privilege of witnessing it.

But that’s nothing compared to what the dude in the car in front of you is up to….

#13 Vigorous Ear Cleaning

Is that necessary?

You only see the back of his head, but you know what he’s doing. His pinky is confidently inserted into his ear and jerking around like he’s got a decade’s worth of earwax. But that’s not the grossest part. When he’s finished, he looks curiously at his finger, taps it to his thumb to feel the stickiness and then tentatively slips it between his lips for a taste.

Could your drive home get any more nasty?


#12 Dirty-Handed Contact Adjusting

Basic hygiene, please.

The person a little ahead of you in the left lane seems like a safe man to be curious about as you wait at yet another light. He’s eating some fries with ketchup and licking his fingers. But right after, he adjusts his contact lens with his bare, salty, saliva-soaked fingers. The dope winces in pain because – hello – there’s food and bacteria on that finger.

Traffic moves a little, and you find yet another person being gross….

#11 Discolored-Loogie Spitting


Apparently the man who has rolled up next to you has a major cold and is now hawking a week’s worth of phlegm out his car window. It lands on the sidewalk where it sizzles in the sun in all its yellow-green glory. You swallow hard and move your car ahead a little. But relief from this ride is not in sight….

#10 Stringy Saliva Kissing

Don’t drown in all that spit!

In a car packed with college students on spring break is one particularly kissy couple that commands the attention of the other drivers around you. They smack lips behind un-tinted windows in the back of their friend’s car. You’re close enough to see strings of saliva connecting each lip lock like some gooey alien glue that’s keeping them together.

But the fun doesn’t stop there….

#9 Tender Toenail Biting

That’s what nail clippers are for!

As if in some amazing yoga contortion, the woman in the car to your right raises her knee to her ear and her foot to her mouth in a very earnest attempt to bite a hangnail. It must have been bothering her all day because this clearly could not wait until after she showered and had clean feet to chow down on. “Wow” you think. “What else are people capable of?”


#8 Naked Air Drumming

Nice moves – oh, never mind.

As if things couldn’t get any weirder, you see some rapid movements in a car a little ways ahead. A shirtless man is air-drumming enthusiastically to what must be the best song in the world. As traffic moves along, you pass him, now able to see that he’s not just shirtless — he’s driving completely naked. It’s easily apparent to people in SUVs – like you – who can see down into compact cars and into people’s laps. You’re not sure if that’s what he intended, but you’re offended anyway.

But sometimes people are begging for attention. Like this next guy….

#7 Sexual Hand Gesturing

My eyes are up here!

Out of the corner of your eye you see a man in the car next to you waving you down. He might need directions, so you lower your window. But no. He just wants to tell you how great your boobs look while he motions something dirty and crude with his hands. These kinds of creeps are extra foul because they demand interaction, so you change lanes as soon as you can. Only to find….

#6 Cream-less Underarm Shaving

Have fun with your razor burn, lady.

There’s a woman in a Prius frantically shaving her underarms, which you think isn’t so bad considering everything else you’ve seen today. But both your windows are down and you can hear from the sandpaper-like scraping that she isn’t using any shaving cream. She’s just going for it sans moisture. The sounds makes you cringe like nails on a chalkboard. Then you think you see skin flakes blowing in the breeze and zoom ahead as soon as traffic moves.

But your ride’s not over yet….

#5 Bloody Teeth-Flossing

There are easier ways to do that, man.

A man in a red truck near you is having a hard time flossing in his visor mirror. His floss gets stuck, he winces in pain, and when he pulls it out, you see blood on his teeth and on the string. What is wrong with people today? Do these people not have bathrooms?

This next woman apparently doesn’t….

#4 Awkward Tampon-Inserting

Shaking my head.

A woman’s leg is on the dash and your cringe because you think you’ve seen this before – more shaving or toenail biting. But no, she’s trying to change her tampon – something entirely different and special. There’s a fresh tampon on her dash. She’s wrapping the used, reddish one in a Kleenex and setting it in her cup holder. It’s a stunning sight and you can’t look away as she inserts the new one.

When it’s over, you stare straight ahead, winded by disbelief. It takes you a while to process what you see next….

#3 Danger-Zone Fondling

There’s a time and a place, people.

The car in front of you creeps ahead in the lane with some oddly jerky breaking. You think maybe the driver is on his phone. You can see his head through the back windshield looking down like he’s texting. You almost honk to get him to pay attention to the moving traffic. Then you see a second person’s head miraculously appear from near the lap of the driver. Yikes! Can’t that stuff wait?

Promptly, you change lanes in case it happens again. But you soon regret it….

#2 Water-Bottle Peeing

That’s not apple juice.

It’s a desperate sight. A man looks around anxiously, grabs something from the back seat, leans over, and goes cross-eyed with relief. Then he carefully sets something beside him in the cup holder – a water bottle filled with yellow fluid.

You know what it is, and you’re both impressed and disgusted. How warm that bottle must feel. You promise to never look in other people’s cars again until you hear a growl and some splattering to your left….

#1 Side Window Vomiting

Spring breakers strike again.

Splat! There goes somebody’s lunch.

You see an unfortunate young woman in a college sweat-shirt poke her head out of the window of her friend’s car. She’s heaving up impossible amounts of puke. You remember it’s spring break and cringe at the thought of this being a regular sight for the next week. You resolve you’ll start using Uber more often.

In case you didn’t know.

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