15 Rare Photos of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was a very popular, if not divisive US President whose two terms ended in controversy but who still remains a massive political force today. With his wife, Hilary Rodham Clinton, now running for President we could well see him return to the White House albeit in a completely different capacity. With this in mind, we look over 25 rare photos of the man that you’ve probably never seen.

1. Smoking A Cigar

For a long time, Bill kept his taste for cigars from the general public until it came to light what he liked to do with them.

2. Meeting Monica

This is one of the first times Bill met his intern Monica Lewinsky.

3.With Hilary

With his wife in the early years of their relationship.

4. Bill & Hilary’s Wedding Day

A photo of the couple tying the knot on October 11, 1975 in Fayetteville, Arkansas .

5. Married At Last

Another shot of the young couple on their happy day.

6.  The Governor

As the governor of Arkansas, Bill would often give press conferences with Hilary by his side.

7. The White House Intern

An infamous shot of Bill meeting Monica again when she was the White House intern.

8. Party Politics

Hilary and Bill take a photo together in a booth at the party of a good friend.

9. Students At Yale

The couple met inside the law library at Yale University.

10. College Days

With their mutual friend Nancy who they also knew through Yale.

11. Running for Governor in 1978

As the attorney general of Arkansas, Bill announces he is running for Governor of the state with Hilary beside him.

12.  Dinner At The White House

Before he was President, Bill and Hilary were invited to dine there with the President and First Lady.

13. Chelsea Is Born

Bill and Hilary welcome their daughter Chelsea into the world on February 27, 1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

14. Share The Love

The two revel in their little bundle of joy.

15. Running Mate

Bill goes for a jog with his Vice President, Al Gore