15 Times Chores Were Fun

Time for Sauce

Who doesn’t like a little extra sauce with their meal? Virtually anyone who cooks knows that making sauce can get extra messy, but this lady doesn’t seem too bothered by that. In fact, she seems to be handling the sauce like a real pro. 542589

Working at the Car Wash

Wait. Where’s her car? All we see is this alluring lady. Oh she is washing a car? Please keep washing away while we clean up our own puddle off the ground. chores 2

It’s Laundry Day

My favorite day of the week! She makes doing laundry look real good….we mean easy…we mean check out those insane leg muscles though. Wow. chores-hamper

Dirty Clothes

We hate it when her clothes get dirty and she is forced to look like this temporarily. Wait, no we don’t! Thank goodness for laundry day. Hope she doesn’t forget some fairy laundry detergent. chores-grey

Betty Crocker

We hope she never finds the ingredient she is looking for in the cupboard. Maybe it’s in the very back. It’s there we know it…just keep looking! chores-kitchen

We’re Hungry For Something

Whatever she’s cooking, we’ll be glad to eat! You know the saying: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. We’re confident we can take it. chores-stripes

Iron Woman

We will not need any starch for those jeans thanks. They will be stiff enough by the time she is through with all her ironing duties, and there’s a decent amount. chores-iron

We Love Salad

We love salad. Well, not really. Who *likes* to eat salad? She makes it look so good though. Chop that lettuce! We want to be healthy with you. chores- yellow

Read The Labels

When it comes to laundry, she has to check the labels for all the fine details. It’s an essential step. It looks like she is doing the delicates today. No better day for delicates. chores-soap

BBQ Fun Times

This lady is taking charge of the BBQ in style and we are totally loving her ways. Check out her skills on the grill! I wouldn’t mind having her cook for me. fun8564

Dirty Dishes

Did she just get a manicure? Do we really care? She makes those rubber gloves look fine. After all, a little soap goes a long way. And so do gloves evidently. chores-yellow gloves

Service With A Smile

Laundry is a never ending chore, so she might as well make the best of it. We sure love watching her wash, rinse, dry, and repeat. chores-laundry

You Missed A Spot

Her car will be sparkling after she is done scrubbing it down. Go ahead and reach all the way to to the hood. We’ll wait for you to complete the job. chore-car

The Grass Is Greener

We put out an ad for a girl to mow the lawn. This beauty responded to our ad, and read our prayers!  Or at least we wish that’s what happened. The grass looks great from our view. chores-grass

Time for Lemons

With that many lemons, this lady only had one thing on her mind and that was to squeeze some fresh lemonade. We sure wouldn’t mind a cold glass for ourselves. 963258