Cheerleaders Who Failed So Hard They Won

1. Bucking Bronco


Beautiful as they may be, cheerleaders are not perfect. They don’t always make mistakes, but when they do, they tend to be pretty over the top and entertaining ones. We’ve collected quite a few of them here for you so enjoy!

2. Push-ups Anyone?

Cheerleader Fail 9

If You have never heard of the USC (University Of Southern California) Song Girls, look them up. Their old school cheer outfits along with their outgoing nature makes them one of the most entertaining dance/cheer groups in college athletics.


3. Aware Of Camera Placement

Cheer Fail GIF 11

This sports cameraman definitely knew what he was doing here. The placement of this camera is on point, and it is safe to say that the cheerleader knew exactly where it was too. The fans in the front row have a great view of the game ????


4. Team Pose

Cheerleader Pose3

These energetic cheerleaders are looking to have some fun while they wait for the game to start. I’m sure the game attendees enjoyed cheering with these ladies, they look like an entertaining bunch.


5. High Tension Kick To The face


First off, the girl on the left is way more flexible and impressive than the other two girls. Look at that extension and hold, she doesn’t even notice whats going on behind her. The girl getting a high-tension back kick to the face has the most perfect reaction face. The most impressive part is that she holds her pose through it.


6. Awkward Cheer Lift


It is really hard not to giggle at this perfectly timed cheer routine photo. Is this what they are supposed to be doing to accomplish whatever lift they are attempting? It seems a bit awkward especially for the girl being lifted.


7. Found Waldo!

Cheer Fail GIF 13

It must have been the holiday season, with Halloween right around the corner for this football game. Who wouldn’t want to be sitting in the front row during this game? But thanks to the cameraman for his skillful placement, so that all TV viewers were able to find Waldo.


8. DadHero – Save Of The Year

Cheer Fail GIF 4

This has to go down as one of the most clutch DadHero saves in cheerleading history. As you can see the stunt goes all wrong but the on-point spotter was there right in time to save the young cheerleader from a potential serious leg injury. Props goes to this man.


9. Taking One For The Team


 This may be the best perfectly timed cheerleader photo on all time. This girl is a trooper, she took one for the team and didn’t even blink. With blood running down her face she is able to continue the routine and even hold up one of her fellow cheerleaders.


10. Uncontrollable Joy

Cheer Fail GIF 10

This reaction GIF of the University of Memphis hip hop cheer squad has so many elements to it, it’s amazing. The main focus has to be the girl in the middle going so absolutely crazy that she comes off a bit scary. Then you have the emotional cryer to the left who can barely handle the rest of the squad going nuts. She just needs a hug.  Classic cheer squad celebration.