Doctor Indicted After Medication Fatality Of 3 Entrance Doors Down Guitarist

02Dr. Richard Snellgrove was indicted for prescribing drugs to 3 Gates Down guitarist Matthew Roberts unlawfully, who passed away from an overdose in August.

An Alabama doctor is accused of illegally prescribing drugs that added to the overdose loss of life of longtime 3 Entrances Down guitarist Matt Roberts previously this year, court papers show.

Unsealed details show Dr recently. Richard Snellgrove of Fairhope, Alabama, is charged with prescribing Fentanyl illegally, an opioid pain medication, and another drug to Roberts days before he was found dead of your overdose in August in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Data show Snellgrove, 59, in Oct was called in a six-count federal government indictment. The charges weren’t made public until a judge unsealed them the other day.

03An legal professional representing Snellgrove, Dennis Knizley, thursday that the medical professional have nothing at all wrong said.

“If medication performed a job in Mr. Roberts’ loss of life it was because of incorrect use, nothing that was related to anything Dr. Snellgrove have,” he said.

Roberts resided in Spanish Fort, Alabama, near Mobile, at the right time of his fatality; he was 38. A grand jury in Mobile delivered the indictment.

04Roberts’ dad, Darrell Roberts Sr., informed a Medicine Enforcement Supervision agent that Snellgrove was a “celebrity junkie” who his boy called “Snelly,” regarding to a sworn assertion by DEA agent Michael Burt. Both were “tight” and Matt Roberts sometimes possessed after-hours consultations with Snellgrove, whom he previously regarded as a patient since at least 2004, the assertion said.

Roberts was found inactive in the hall outside his accommodation while browsing Wisconsin for a charity performance. Roberts was putting on a Fentanyl patch like one approved by Snellgrove two times earlier, the declaration said, and he had pills matching ones the doctor recommended also.

05Agents seized information from Snellgrove’s two office buildings on the Alabama coastline in Sept, the assertion said. Burt published that there is facts that Snellgrove illegally approved drugs including methadone and Fentanyl to Roberts six times seeing to 2011.

The agent’s affirmation said the Fentanyl and a narcotic pain medication, Norco, wrongly approved by Snellgrove were adding factors in the musician’s fatality. Fentanyl also was blamed in the fatality of rock and roll musician Prince before this season.

Snellgrove remains in private practice but is not prescribing manipulated substances, his legal professional said.

06“Dr. Snellgrove is a well-respected medical doctor with an impeccable reputation. This full circumstance focuses on one patient. Dr. Snellgrove cured Mr. Roberts and professionally ethically,” said Knizley.

Roberts was a founding person in the Mississippi-based rock-band but leave in 2012 citing health reasons. He’s acknowledged with co-writing the band’s struck “Kryptonite.”

Court papers say Roberts acquired fought drug abuse problems.