Hillary Clinton Camp Breaks The Silence, Issues Declaration To Followers About Recount 2016

17Hillary Clinton hasn’t spoken much since her concession talk the day after Election Day. Even when NY Magazine reported that computer scientist extraordinaire had quietly contacted the Clinton campaign to advise that a recount of votes, Hillary Clinton said nothing.

The Inquisitr reported using the pc scientist this full week, stating that renowned expert J. Alex Halderman says the only path to learn if hacking in this election happened is by considering the ballots. The only path that can occur is via a recount.

18The entire day following the NY Newspaper survey, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Get together issued a declaration and a fundraising get, stating that she’d be processing for a recount in the three swing action state governments of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pa, anticipated to hacking concerns.

Hillary Clinton still said nothing at all. But her silence was broken today when Clinton camp lawyer issued a statement on Medium expressing gratitude from Hillary Clinton to her supporters and saying Hillary Clinton would take part in Recount 2016 with Jill Stein, reports Bloomberg Politics.

Hillary Clinton spottings have been frequently reported by those moving into the Chappaqua, NY, area where Hillary Clinton lives. On the Thanksgiving trip, Hillary Clinton tweeted an image of the support she’s been acquiring locally.

But these spottings has been the most she’s said publicly in weeks. Until today.

19Bloomberg Politics records that Hillary Clinton’s marketing campaign law firm, Marc Elias, has released plans to take part in vote recounts in the three golf swing expresses of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pa. Elias do so in a Medium post, expressing the hurdles that must definitely be overcome, and proclaiming a 107,000 vote margin is improbable to be overturned.

So even, Hillary Clinton, through her law firm, expressed appreciation to followers for the multiple calls, e-mails, and support she received in the obtain an #AuditTheVote and a recount of elections 2016. She’s also all smiles when asked to use selfies with followers any time.

20Today in breaking news, Marc Elias had written on Medium that if Dr. Stein is prosperous in her recount petitions, the Hillary Clinton marketing campaign “will take part in order to guarantee the process proceeds in a fashion that is fair to all or any sides.”

Hillary’s legal professional also said that the Clinton camp hadn’t initiated any recounts independently citing insufficient proof hacking. But Elias also said the next.

“We believe we’ve an responsibility to a lot more than 64 million Us citizens who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to take part in ongoing proceedings to ensure than a precise vote matter will be reported.”

21The constant conversation of election day hacking has still left many concerned, like the Clinton camp, creates Marc Elias. On that word he said this.

“It will go without stating that people take these concerns extremely serious. We certainly understand the heartbreak thought by so many who did the trick so difficult to choose Hillary Clinton, which is a fundamental theory of your democracy to ensure that each vote is properly counted.”

Elias cited the “unique” factor of the election, and the “amount of foreign interference observed throughout the plan.” He acknowledges that america administration has concluded Russian condition celebrities were behind the DNC hacks come early july and the non-public email accounts of Hillary Clinton and plan officials.


Marc Elias also explained that the Russian authorities was “at the rear of a lot of the fake information propaganda that circulated online in the shutting weeks of the election.”

This is actually the first that any public has said with regards to the fake news through the election. The imitation reports in addition has been cited as a way to obtain the Hillary damage. Elias continues.

23“For each one of these reasons, we’ve quietly taken lots of steps within the last fourteen days to rule in or out any likelihood of outside disturbance in the vote tally in these critical battleground state governments.”

The steps include using legal representatives and data researchers to comb in the election results and “spot anomalies that could suggest a hacked end result.” The Clinton camp has organised numerous meeting phone calls with experts on the conclusions also.

And third, the Clinton camp has made a catalog and looked into every theory shown to them systematically. In addition they, of course, have viewed the legalities of everything, and what they are of their rights to contest, or not, and the legal merits, or lack thereof, of the recount.

24Media of Hillary Clinton taking part in Recount 2016 is very good news for her followers, who consider Hillary Clinton to be a dynamic fighter for justice. It employs many followers have been tweeting the pressure to “stop considering the grass” and enter the game.

Marc Elias creates that Hillary Clinton intends to do that, reunite in the overall game. He says that irrespective of whatever results a recount provides also, the legal team of Hillary Clinton will “ensure the advertising campaign is legally displayed in any judge proceedings and displayed on the floor to be able to screen the recount itself.”

25The Clinton plan expresses gratitude to all or any of those who’ve reinforced Hillary Clinton, also to all those which may have “expended time” looking into the says of abnormalities and irregularities of elections 2016. They’ll participate in the procedure to help bring satisfaction to the 64 million which may have voted for Hillary Clinton.