Horribly AGED Celebrities

This is a list of celebrities who’ve looked worse with age than one would expect. As they’ve gotten older, these stars have become more and more unattractive, some of them are no longer recognizable. May this be a lesson for us all to watch our bad habits and not succumb to temptations of having too much work done

1. Brigitte Bardot


Brigitte Bardot was one of the most beautiful women that ever lived. Nowadays the classic actress looks crazy, old and like she smells of cat urine.


2. Slash

The Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist used to be a serious competitor to their lead singer when it came to the ladies’ affection, But how does Slash looks like today ? Sorry man, a double chin is far from being sexy!


3. Kathleen Turner


Rising to fame in the early 1980s after her role in Body Heat, turner was considered a kind of sex symbol all throughout the 80s and early 90s. But those days are long gone now, with both Kathleen’s career and her good looks going down the drain.


4. Ozzy Osbourne


Just look at those angelic face of the young Ozzy! It’s hard to believe that this is the same guy in both pictures. From every woman’s fantasy this man turned into every child’s worst nightmare!


5. Janet Jackson


Janet! What happened? Up until a couple of years ago this talented singer and dancer still looked good, and kept herself in amazing shape. Now we can hardly recognize her. Is this what marrying a Saudi millionaire does to you? If so, we better let go of that dream right now…


6. Nick Nolte


Nick used to be a real heartthrob throughout the 1980s, but it’s pretty sad to see what’s become of him. He looks like a character Jack Nicholson would play, or someone who forgot to take his medication.


7. Jessica Simpson


We know Jessica is the face of Weight Watchers, but it doesn’t seem like she’s been watching her weight! Having kids is great but forgetting yourself like that is just unacceptable!


8. John Travolta


As if it’s not enough that Travolta has made his comeback with double the weight, he also became somewhat ridiculous with all the Scientology thing and gay rumors. Ouch. Whatever happened to the cool and slick Danny Zuko?


9. Goldie Hawn

Goldie used to be a real beauty, and we hate to think that this is the future awaiting her lovely daughter Kate Hudson. This is especially hurting our eyes! We miss your golden days, Goldie!


10. George H.W. Bush

Well, Bush Senior is looking pretty old and shaky, but hey – at least he still gets to be surrounded by numerous hot babes! Not every old man gets that, so we guess it’s good to be the president.


11. Kirstie Alley


Now that’s one crazy transformation! We do hope you get back to your old self, Kirstie!