Most Embarrassing Cheerleader Moments


Come-From-Behind Victory!


This cheerleader has great legs.  But she also has a wedgie that is running really tight press coverage all the way up the field.  Next time, she should loosen up her routine so she’s doesn’t have an oops moment.


Always Go for Two!


This dynamite cheerleader is braving the elements, namely the wind, to display her, uh, school spirits.  This hot cheerleader may be chillier than normal but chose to not wear her hair in a bun, but rather let her hair down.  Her hair isn’t long enough to cover everything, though.

The Wedge is Special


In football, sometimes the special teams coach will call for a wedge to be set up to return kicks and make something special happen.  Sometime the wedge results in a exciting score!  Not sure if this wedge scored, but it is special and exciting.


Hung Out to Dry


This lovely sport “encourager” has a wardrobe malfunction.  Can you spot it? There is a saying about something that could sink ships.  That’s a sunken ship right there.  (The blooper is at the bottom left of the photo).


Both Toes In


This fine cheerleader looks as if she is texting while cheering but there’s no phone there. So she must be looking at something! We see it, do you?  An animal that thrives in dry, desert climates and a pack of cigarettes, you get where we’re going with this.


It is concealer or blush?


This is why you don’t wear white after Labor Day? Surely this hottie has misplaced her blush for tonight’s performance!  What else could explain this ultimate oops? Green and brown are definitely complimentary colors, but she won’t be getting compliments off this photo.  Wow.


Nipped in the Bud


This wardrobe malfunction really proves that football can be a game of inches, whether it’s on the field, between the goal posts or…yeah.  She’s got just enough to make our coveted list! But gotta love the zeal and excitement radiating from her beautiful face.


Strapped, Locked and Loaded?


I hope this wasn’t a halftime performance because Janet Jackson’s snafu has nothing on this.  This cheerleader’s strap fell completely off for the world to see!  My, my, my.  She is surely so focused on her routine and the show must go on.


Dropped Out of Coverage


If you look closely at the middle of this image you can see this oops moment.  No pasty needed here.  She is obviously waiting for the next play, so no need to hang out for no reason.    Look how focused she is on the action.  Gosh, I love our country.


America’s Team Says Hello


The Dallas Cowgirls are one of the most famous and iconic cheer leading groups on the planet. They help pump up the crowd and get the old juices flowing for America’s Team. This lovely Cowgirl goes the extra distance upon further review.


Long March Through the Desert

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This wardrobe malfunction is screaming at the bottom center of the pic.  I could go on and on about this blooper but let’s just say no professional team has yet to be called the Camels.  If there were, she should be the head cheerleader.


Hardwood Classic

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Some chicks would say she is a “hot mess”.  They’re half right!  She’s hot and we dig chicks that aren’t afraid to dance on the hardwood.  Upon seeing instant replay, I see a need for better coverage up top.


Is that a Camel..Er…Camera Phone?

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We have all felt, at times, the need better service from our smartphones.  We’ve moved them in and out of rooms, all to try to get a better signal.   It could be this cheerleader didn’t want to misplace her phone later, when it was “victory-selfie” time.


Bandwagon’s Full! 

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This photo captures the spirit of teamwork that goes into every since cheerleading routine.  These ladies bare their souls (and other things) to thongs, I mean, throngs of people to make sporting events better for all of us.


The “U” Stands for “Used”

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There’s a hurricane brewing down south. Things can get messy!  This blooper is at the bottom left of the page.  Sometimes bottoms do that.

Butt Wait, There’s More!

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The Washington Redskins cheerleaders are the longest running group of NFL cheerleaders in the league, having cheered on the Redskins since 1962.  Butt don’t take my word for it–the “cheeky” evidence is at the bottom of the page.