Selfies Gone Horribly Wrong

99% percent of the time, selfies end up as dull reminders of someone’s narcissism. The other times though, something wonderful happens that transforms the mundane into the maniacal. Today, we celebrate those moments when selfies went hilariously wrong:


She is trying to capture her special organs in one selfie and this is how she ended up.

Not bad. Good try.

And better luck next time.



Now this is one sexy selfie that will make you horny.


While her boobs look hot, her hands don’t look as nice.

She is old – really old.


Three couples with two stories. The first two couples nicely posed for the photo but the third one just screwed up a bit. The girl doesn’t seem happy.


When your boyfriend asks you to send a sexy picture. She really loves her boyfriend as what she is doing simply doesn’t make sense.


Not sure if these girls knew that there is a giant whale with them in the water but the picture is nice and the whale is looking awesome.

Yes, the girls are sexy.


Why would someone take a selfie in the hospital?

Well, his boss asked for a proof, and he attached this photo with his leave application.


Which one is real?

Both are real. The tattoo is on the girl’s arm and she is loving it. As long as she loves her tattoo, we are OK with it.


The best time to take a silly picture is none other than your classroom. Find a seat at the back and use your phone, a DSLR or your laptop’s camera to take all the silly photos you want.


Wait, is she about to fall? Not really, she is just posting for the picture. She is standing on a rock and is absolutely safe.


These girls must be given the world’s peace award as they proved to stay happy and calm in a situation like this.


Now this is one nice picture. It could have been even better …..

But for now, let’s be happy with this picture with the top.


This is one smart monkey who has recently purchased a smartphone and he is now taking a selfie which he will send to her girlfriend via Whatsapp.

And this is no joke!


That’s how you sneak into someone’s house and take a selfie.

Why you have to do such a dumb thing? Just for a selfie?


He is out of his mind or this was his last day on the job.

He was actually sending this picture to his girlfriend as she was not convinced that he is at work.


No matter what happens, just complete the picture. If there is a camera in your phone, it doesn’t mean you have to take a picture everywhere.


Now this is really funny. You have to have a special brain to dress like this and then take such a picture, that too, in the washroom.


Old is gold. I am really happy that the old guy didn’t capture his dick. I am sure in the next selfie, he must have captured his dick.


These red stars have stopped you from watching the sexiest part of the photo but don’t be sad. You know what’s behind these stars, right?


This is horrible. I have never seen a camel eating a woman.

Please refrain from taking selfies and photos with camels. They can eat women, men, and kids.


Quite a muscular woman with some strong biceps. Stop looking through her top. She just wanted to get some fresh air.


When you are being followed by many wild buffalos and you prefer taking a selfie than rescuing yourself from the situation.

This guy is still alive.


So you should be like what kind of sexy jail facility is this?

If you want to be in such a sexy jail, you must have the guts to do a crime.


Who cares about the ticket, I get these every day. Let’s take a selfie which is something more important and make more sense in such a situation.


When taking a picture with your lawnmower, and getting a few likes on Facebook is more crucial than your biceps and backbone.

Do not try this at home.


She, unfortunately, captured the entire room and now you know that girls ruin their entire room and at least one friend to look pretty.


Who cares if I am in a public washroom or in my bedroom, god has given me a camera with a phone and it is my ultimate duty to take selfies wherever I go.


For the love of the sharks.

“I risked my life and camera to take a selfie with a shark and you are being so rude not to even say WOW.”


If this is a real whale, then I am sure the girls are not real.

And if the girls are real, then the whale is not real.

Quite confusing!

Everything looks fine, I mean she has the right to take photos but just look at that poor beauty box in her hand. What the hell she has to do with that?


This is why selfie experts will always tell you to turn off your TV before taking a selfie. Otherwise, people will laugh at you.


Quite a risky move by this guy. I am sure he ran away as fast as he could after taking this selfie.


When you are too keen to share everything with your boyfriend – even the food you eat and how you eat it.

She still works in the same office.


This is crazy. The boy was told not to look at her mommy as she is half naked.

When you have kids at home, take selfies in clothes, please.


Her boyfriend caught her. This is one photo that her boyfriend labeled and sent her back.

Later on, they broke up and the girl has lost 30 pounds.


There is a thing known as underwear that you must try to wear when you have a plan to go to a beach. Otherwise, girls will laugh at you.


“You sit on the toilet and I will dress up and then we will take a selfie. Fine?”

“Great. But will I look nice sitting on the toilet?”