The Cameraman Just Kept Recording (PHOTOS)

Walking On Water Win

Not only does she got the looks, but she can also walk on water!

Pool Side Show

In all fairness, can we really blame him for looking?

Everybody Do The Salsa!

The look on that guys face. #priceless

Must Beat Opponent!

Man, I can’t imagine what her mean face looks like.

One Big Swimming Boost

Man, that must be one hell of a boost.

Underhand Tennis???

I have seen people bowl that way before, but never seen anyone play tennis in that stance before.

Volleyball. Go Hard Or Go Home.

Well I think this picture is proof that this woman is putting 110% effort into winnin

Bad Monkey!

Those monkeys sure can be some pesky fellas sometimes.

It's Just A Baton

Don’t freak out, it is just a twirling baton.

Nice Pool Bro!

I cannot even begin to imagine how many tries this took. I am guessing over 50.

Thanks For The Pool Mom!

I bet this guy thanks his parents for getting him this pool every day.

Barbie Down!

All I can say is LOL.

A View From Below

I wonder what the view looks like from down there, oh wait.

The Face Of Determination?

Man, I can only begin to imagine what is standing in front of them causing both of them to have faces like this. Maybe a streaker???

It's Yoga Time!

Man, they said yoga is a stress reliever.