The Most Hilariously Awkward Family Photos On The Internet

Internet memes are considerably one of the today’s most popular reason to browse the internet. Everybody loves a good laugh and out of all Internet memes available, Awkward Family Photos have been around since the beginning of internet memes!

We all have that awkward family member (some of us even have many!) and combined with the hilarity of awkward photos, the generosity of internet users and the desire to have the most popular awkward family, these memes are constantly uploaded to the entire web. It’s been difficult to narrow such a wide variety of available photos into such a short list, but below we’ve put together the funniest awkward family photos that can be found.

So whether it’s your awkward uncle’s famous shirtless portrait shot, mom’s awful idea for a family hairstyle, or even questionable poses from your awkward cousin, all of these family photos are guaranteed to bring you laughs! Let us know your favorite pictures and what about them makes you laugh the most in our comments section below!


What’s worse? The fact that someone made their sons be part of a portrait like this one, or the fact that only the brother on the left seems to be concerned with the outcome! This is what happens when you force your kids to take family portraits, their quirky natures are revealed and not always in the best way.

This photo makes these kids look like the poster children for future playboys of America or so they certainly seem to think. Tone it down boys those grins are a little creepy and altogether frightening.


Nothing describes redneck any better than a shirtless father at a literal shotgun wedding. Luckily they didn’t lose the bride in all that camo! Class may not be the forte here but at least the family is enjoying it together, right?Hmm, I wonder what the shotgun is for? The groom or the bride and the desperate getaway attempt sure to follow. Not sure who should be running for the hills here, although I think the groom is pretty brave or mighty stupid to be hanging around for this occasion and joining this family with a smile. Or is that a nervous “what the heck am I doing” smile. The clenched hands sure point to option number two.


Ugly Christmas sweaters can certainly bring out an air of fun when shooting Christmas photos, but has anybody ever heard of the ugly Christmas uni-brow? Posed pictures sure can bring out the worst in you.Perhaps a quick glance in the mirror before posing is in order. Smile at the birdie, smile not squint and keep that tongue in your mouth. Wonder if his wife knows that her husband is secretly a geeky science professor. Is he just shocked to be in this picture with a girl or has he secretly gone potty in his pants? The bewildered look could really be steering it in both directions.


This is what happens when your photographer switches out the all too familiar “say cheese” line with “your grandpa’s in the hospital” right before taking the picture. A really happy looking bunch aren’t they?Forced family portraits are always doomed for failure. Put a smile on your faces people, doomsday is not around the corner. We all know families can be annoying but at least try to pretend you can tolerate them even if only for the second that the flash needs to go off.  Yes we know your dad looks like a 70’s pimp but he’s your dad, you have to love him.


The groom is teaching his new bride how to scar their child for life. And this is a picture they want in their wedding album? Scary thought. Looking back in ten years let’s hope they think, “What were we doing?”Perhaps today is let’s learn about orange day at school. Is is a pumpkin, is it a carrot, it is , what the heck is it? Wait it’s my dad channeling the Hef and my mom, well you are no playboy bunny mom so keep it keep it under wraps, please! Note to self, orange and red clash so won’t be getting any fashion direction from mom.


With the look on dad’s face, I can’t tell if he’s more upset because it hurts, or because he’s enjoying it. Kid’s have a way of always going for the nipples and not at the greatest times either.Note to self, keep those nipples out of reach of children, especially where cameras are involved. Perhaps the kid has some mommy daddy issues. No milk in their, maybe if I squeeze a little harder then. Thought these looked a little smaller than normal, give my my regular supply or I keep squeezing.


Sometimes moms don’t realize just how cruel they’re being. And I’m not sure if that’s just the curtain in the background, or it the kid on the right is actually a girl with pigtails in.Looking back these children are going to really have a thing or two to say to their parents and it sure won’t be “thank you”. Headlines in 10 years time will read kids disown parents because of fashion abuse as a child, scarred for life I’d say.


Taking pregnancy pictures can be a very pleasant way for families to keep memories of their family building. I just hope they didn’t choose to display this awkward picture in their home. Creative and arty and all a little bit creepy.Doing something different for your pregnancy album is a wonderful idea, but try to make it something that doesn’t make you appear completely crazy. Your kids have to look at these when they’re older and what excuse are you going to give? Dad ran out of canvas for his latest work of art. There’s art and then there’s this….try something else guys.


Remember back when mullets were cool? Yeah, we don’t either. Why would anybody pose like this? An advertisement for dates gone wrong perhaps or a who’s who in the long list of losers.These guys all tried out for the Chippendales and failed so decided to go out on their own. Don’t think there’s any competition guys and you certainly won’t have the Chippendale’s quivering in their boots. Redneck striptease in the making , those ladies will definitely be lining up so you have your target market all sorted out.


CGI wasn’t exactly the best technology when it first came out, but couldn’t they have chosen a better substitute dad? You know, one that doesn’t involve a puppet that looks like he’s about to molest his daughters?Dad’s made a duck for it and left the creepy puppet in his place again. Awkward! The big smiles and even bigger hair would frighten anybody off, even the cat looks like it could be replaced by a stuffed version perhaps and the dog, well the dog thinks they’re all crazy and is eyeing out his escape route.


It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Except when you’re a dad, then everything is fun and games. Hmm, I wonder if dad’s grin would be so broad if the tables were turned? I think not. Either way the kid’s crying.Dad’s have the best of both worlds definitely. Does dad even realize his kid is crying? Seems he’s more interested in his profile picture for his latest dating site. He claims to be a man who loves kids, wonder if they’ll buy that one. Trying to pass yourself off as a nature lover and a lover of children, epic fail on both accounts I’d say.


This girl has outrageously crossed a T-Pain lyric with Sleeping Beauty to develop her outfit, but why does the dog look dead and why is she staring at it like it’s her next pair of boots?Perhaps some more thought into the footwear would have been more appropriate? Your dog’s going to look at you in fear for a lifetime. The phrase is man’s best friend and not man’s best footwear. Sure her pooch is wondering what she does to enemies if this is how she treats her friends.


Is this a family portrait or an ad for child abuse? Can anybody say Manson family portrait? Only the Manson’s could make this scenario seem so completely normal. So cool, calm and collected as if there’s nothing insane or odd about it.Maybe we’re all wrong and it’s a new technique in child discipline. Give it up, the child is still crying. Not sure if it’s crying from being held around the neck or at the actual thought of having to live with these crazies for the next 18 years.  I can hear the baby babble already, “put me back, put me back”.


What they failed to realize is that snowmen are made of 3 different sized balls of snow. This bride looks like she belongs in somebody’s tickle trunk! Perhaps the bride’s name is Bubbles?A lady who takes keeping her body a sanctuary until after marriage but at this rate, her body will be all hers, even after marriage. She certainly doesn’t appear over the moon to be standing there looking like frosty the snowman or perhaps it’s her Farmer Brown looking partner who has he wishing the snow would swallow her up.


Little Timmy before and after the operation. Puppet and master morph into one. And some people wonder why their kids have issues.He asked for a brother and this is what he got, a creepy looking puppet who always wants to be held. The puppet wished hard enough to become a real boy just like Pinnocchio and the results are something inexplicable to say the least. What started out as an innocent little friendship really became something out of the 70’s disco era. How can such a normal looking lad and his puppet become a colorful disco ball so easily.


Not only does this portrait lack every and all forms of proportion, but the kid in the center is being forced to keep his face dangerously close to his siblings’ crotches. What have we said about family portraits? FAIL! Next time do some planning and everybody will be happy.The kids don’t seem amused at all, especially the one sandwiched between the two and covered by his third sibling. Definitely not the Christmas Card photograph that they were hoping for.


Before Tinder, you had to pay to get your picture in the classifieds to meet new women. Either that or they’re hockey players, which would make a lot more sense. A poster for geeks gone wild.Erm, put your pants back on boys, you’re trying to win some wives, not scare them off. This small ad placed by these boy’s parents certainly didn’t do the trick. 20 years later and they’re all still living at home. Was this their parent’s master plan after all, keep them at home forever.


This is the plan Mary; you distract him with a birthday cake, and I’ll smack him with my hammer! Then we’ll be done with the little bastard for good! Results of bratty behavior on your birthday, that’ll teach you.We didn’t get you what you wanted son but no tantrums please or we’ll have to take matters into our own hands. Parenting techniques, questionable to say the least. The little birthday boy is oblivious to the sordid scheme being hatched and is completely mesmerized by the candles.


At what point does this stop being a family portrait and start becoming a hostage situation? Yes, we get it, you’ll protect your wife and child no matter what so beware.

Perhaps your wife and child should head for the hill because you certainly look the crazy one here. Is your wife smiling out of fear or could she possible enjoy your possessive nature? We all want to feel loved and wanted but this is a little extreme.  You really want to make sure that your baby girl never has a date don’t you. I’ve heard of overprotective dad’s but this is the limit.


Picking up dress clothes at a thrift store and picking up a stripper’s uniform might have been the difference that make this family pic so awkward. Or maybe it’s the look in the older brother’s eyes!

Looks like the kids are being steered in a career direction and I don’t think it’s the right one. NO, you’re not meant to use your kids to make you money. I think the tall one’s been brainwashed, he even has that predatory glare down to perfection and his younger brother is not far off.