Videos Of Cats Doing Adorable Things

1. Two Cats Playing Pattycake

Awe, look at them play! 43 seconds into this 53 second clip, their swatting becomes so synchronized, it looks almost unreal.  Typically, when two cats swat each other they are playing. Sometimes, one might be trying to establish dominance, but here it appears these “buds” are just playing.

2. Four Kittens Figuring Out The World…Sorta

Watching these four tiny kittens observe the room around them is 32 seconds of complete cuteness. The way their heads move back and forth make this video seem like a screen saver.

3. Watch What These Kittens Do When The Mommy Falls

These kittens love their mommy as they follow the big cat around. She tries to escape, but when she misses her jump, well, you just have to see what happens next. You’ll laugh out loud.

4. Two Cats In A Hoola Hoop That Lights Up

This video is only 59 seconds long, but you could probably watch it for hours. See what happens when the kitten is inside of a light-up hoola hoop. Greatest. Cat toy. Ever.

5. Kittens Moving Their Heads In Sync

Your smile will get bigger and bigger as these three wide-eyed kittens “jam” in sync to music. You’ll also wonder what the person was doing to get them to do this. . . especially at the 59 second mark of this video.

6. Super-Cute Kitty Attacks The Window Washer

This is what happens if you clean your window in front of your cat. Good thing the glass was there to protect her hand during the 30 second clip. Watch what the kitten in the back does.

7. Hungry Kitten And An Empty Can Of 9 Lives

Canned food is generally better than dry food for cats because of the water content. . . and because canned food usually contains more protein. Maybe that’s why this little kitten does what she does in this 23-second video.

8. Hide And Seek In A Bag

It doesn’t take much to spook a cat. But when one crawls into a paper bag with people walking by, the outcome is pretty adorable in this seven second clip.

9. Kitten Playing On Tablet

This cutie gets so into playing the Tablet, he falls off the chair near the end of this 21-second video. Don’t worry. He landed on his paws. Incidentally, cats’ ability to always land on their paws is a reflex. It’s called the righting reflex and it begins to appear at 3–4 weeks of age.

10. Kitten Plays “Fetch”

This kitten plays fetch. When the toy is thrown, off she goes to retrieve it. 19 seconds of impressive action. “Fetch” is actually a common game for kittens. (Sorry to steal your thunder, dogs.)


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